Y2K: 11 Years Later

I keep finding trails of adolescent Becky everywhere. My latest discovery: the time capsule I made at my 5th grade birthday party. For those of you who loved the "Becky's Stuff: DO NOT THROW AWAY" box, you're in for a treat.

The year was 1999. This particular birthday party took place in late November at the peak of Y2K mayhem. So in case we didn't actually get to celebrate the new year due to the impending doom of the world ending, my birthday party would suffice as a par-tay for the new millennium. Activities included: a "countdown" to 2000, scavenger hunt in a limo, dance party, and making super sweet time capsules.

Patti Long even wrote a poem to put inside our time capsules that went like this:
Here is a time capsule so that you can think back
To memories of 5th grade, in a tall, neat stack.
So go through your room, dig deep and find
Some items that bring your life in 1999 to mind.
Old tickets, your photo, a school paper or two
Backpack keychain, a Beanie?, a picture you drew.
Now write down a few of your favorite things
T.V. shows, movies, someone who sings.
Add lots more goodies, now hide it away
Open when you can say, "It's 2010 today!"

I'm a year late, but I found the time capsule in question. Inside, I found what you would guess a 5th grade pack rat would put in a time capsule: a bunch of junk. I wish I would have put in cool stuff like my mother's poem had instructed me to, but clearly all things that fell under those categories (keychains, pictures, etc.) were far too essential to my 5th grade life at the time and could not be parted with. So instead, I put in junk like this...

A mini plastic champagne flute that used to have bubbles inside. Apparently bubbles have an expiration date, and it's less than 11 years  I can't even tell what color the bubbles used to be, but there is now a sticky consistency of something gold/brown colored plastered to the side of the mini glass.

50 cents. Hey big spender!

A Birthday Card from my dear friend Kristen Anderson, who even took the time to draw a picture of a flower.

Two tickets to Jenks High School football's first playoff game. The Longs had season tickets, even when us kiddos were in elementary school. True fans.

A sheet of millennium-themed stickers. All the stickers have been used except for: "Futuristic!" "Time to Make a Difference" "Mr. Millennium" and two red circles with the letter "f" on them.
Are you as confused by these stickers and their connection to 2000 as I am?

PECAN THE BEANIE BABY!   was shocked that my 5th grade self could part with a beanie during the peak of beanie mania. Poor Pecan the bear has been trapped in a paint can with decaying bubbles for 11 years!!! I have since returned him to storage with the rest of his beanie friends.

This is not a joke: An 11-year-old pair of Kleenex. Apparently I'm a Kleenex hoarder. First the Salt Lake City Olympics Kleenex, now this. In my defense, I'm pretty sure these Kleenex, along with this super-chique nail polish, were part of the loot I collected on the limo scavenger hunt. They're Limited Too brand. So trendy.

2 Cootie Catchers. If you were not a preteen girl in the 90s, you probably have no idea what these are. They were all the rage in elementary school. Right up there with Tamagotchis. Allow me to explain...Basically, it's a folded piece of paper. But not just any folded piece of paper. By choosing your favorite color, favorite number, then spelling your name, this folded piece of paper can PREDICT YOUR FUTURE. According to these particular cootie catchers, your husband was either destined to be: Pikachu, Yoda, Leonardo DiCaprio, Dr. Love, or Ricky Martin (whoaaaa how dated are those names?!). Your job: country singer, vice principal, lion tamer, professional wrestler, or plumber. Your vehicle of choice: station wagon, cement mixing truck, pizza delivery truck, skateboard, or limo. Number of children: 1, 2, 7, 56, 73, 3 million, 15 million, or 26 million. The odds really weren't in your favor.

Millennium-themed tiara, noise maker, and whistle. Because you can't ring in the new year without equipment!

I reverted back to my 5th grade self when playing with the treasure I uncovered in my time capsule. Nothing like a whistle, tiara, and cootie catcher to get a 22-year-old excited. I'm thinking maybe I'll make another time capsule for 2020. You know you want to make one, too. We'll check back in 9 years and compare notes. Deal? Excellent.

HAPPY 2011!!!

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