I'm not so sure how I feel about this whole "growing up" thing. As of now, I'm not a fan. Unfortunately, I've had to do a lot of growing up lately. I find myself constantly thinking about the future. It's not like I haven't thought about the future before. When I was in elementary school "the future" was getting to go to the intermediate school down  the street. When I was in middle school "the future" was turning 16 and being able to drive. When I was in high school "the future" was going to college. And now that I'm in college, I realized the world's predetermined futures have run out. What the heck am I going to do in May after I get my diploma and flick my tassle to the other side?

I have no idea.

So, when this scary thought "I have no idea" strikes me, it usually takes about 10 seconds before I revert into thinking about the good ol' days. If you're feeling similar "I have no idea" anxieties, take a walk down memory lane with me to the yester-years of childhood...

1. Gameboy Color. When this ground-breaking electronic came out it was a BIG DEAL. And I wanted one. But according to Patti Long, video games are for boys and dolls are for girls. So I apparently wasn't worthy of my precious Gameboy Color no matter how much I begged. What did I do, you ask? I saved up my allowance for a year to purchase myself this coveted item. The problem? At the time of purchase, I couldn't afford a game. My Gameboy sat in my closet for over a month before I had enough money saved to buy "Bomberman." How I loved you, my purple see-throught Gameboy Color. And Patti Long will never live this one down.

2. Classic Niceklodeon shows. Clarissa Explains It All...Rugrats...Are You Afraid of the Dark? (terrifying; I still get the spooks swimming in the pool because of an episode about a pool built over an old graveyard)...Kenan and Kel...All That...Hey Dude...oh the memories!
3. Dunkaroos and Mondos. Cookies + icing.  Fruit drink + goofy face on a plastic bottle. Genius. Honorable mention to Fun Dip.

4. Butterfly clips. Always artfully displayed in alternating colors that perfectly complimented my outfit. Add in some body glitter and I was good to go!

5. Limited Too. I'm not talking about the store now known as "Justice." I'm talking about my Limited Too. The place where I got my favorite pair of blue leopard silk pajamas. The place where Patti Long wouldn't let me buy t-shirts with dog and kitten pictures on them because they were "tacky." The place where all my clothing dreams came true at age 7.

6. Beanie Babies. Does this even need an explanation? I was obsessed. So obsessed that my baby-sitter drove my sister and I around for an entire day to all the different McDonald's in Tulsa so we could buy as many "Teeny Beanies" as possible. I don't know if her dog, Bear, ever recovered from the 15 happy meals we fed him that day...

7. Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. You know, the power rangers who reported to Zordon and the robot that said "Ay yi yi yi!" and fought those grey things that looked like they were made out of clay. I loved the power rangers and I'm not ashamed. I was even the pink ranger (Kimberly; I so wanted to be her) for Halloween once. Conveniently, my neighbor was the white ranger. Be still my heart.

8. Bubblegum Pop Music. I choose to remember the happy times. You know, Britney (pre-shaved-head),  Christina (pre-Xtina), Jessica Simpson (pre-is-tuna-chicken-or-fish), Backstreet Boys (pre-comeback-attempt-#345873984765), *NSYNC (pre-no-one-can-get-work-except-Justin), and Spice Girls (who, if you ask me, still rock)

9. Tamagotchis. 3 little buttons = hours of entertainment. The day that they outlawed Tamagotchis at Jenks Southeast Elementary was a very sad day.

10. My Lamp Halloween Costume. This will forever be one of my proudest moments. Made even better by the fact that I was accompanied by an order of french fries.

Oh the joys of childhood. Did I miss anything?


Treadmill Thoughts

I'd like to talk about the gym.

I try to like working out. I really do. But if I'm being completely honest, I loathe the process. The only part of my workout I enjoy is the satisfaction I feel afterward and the ice cream sandwich I reward myself with.

Part of why I think I don't enjoy working out is because I'm so easily distracted. These happenings have recently diverted my attention and thrown off my "in the zone" workout concentration:

  1. A girl was actually snapping along to her rap music while on the elliptical yesterday. Yes, snapping. I was confused. And distracted. And yet, slightly amused. Also, when people sing to themselves at the gym it freaks me out. I have ears. I hear you. All kinds of awkward.
  2. Along the lines of snapping/singing girl, I'd like to introduce "I listen to my music so loudly that everyone else around me can hear my music through their headphones too" dude. I bet he has hearing aids by age 35.
  3. You know that person who is itty bitty but runs on the treadmill like I picture the abominable snowman would? I mean, HOW does such a small person slam down their feet so hard that I can feel/hear the reverberations on the next treadmill? HOW???
  4. Treadmill horse reminds me of the ever-so-annoying squeaky machines. If "I listen to my music so loudly that everyone else around me can hear my music through their headphones too" dude is on an elliptical that squeaks every time his left foot reaches a certain point, I'm DOOMED. Repetitive noises and I don't do well together.
  5. To the person on the machine next to me who is totally out-doing me and making me feel weak and insignificant: I'm trying to creepily eye how many more calories you've burned than me and what resistance your elliptical is set at. You are a beast and I am not. And you're distracting me.
  6. Then there are the people who come try to talk to me while I'm cherry red in the face, sweating bullets, and in need of oxygen. I can't breathe. These conversations never go well. Cell phone convos are equal failures.
  7. Trying to drink water while remaing in motion. I can't do it. The number of times I've spilled half the contents of my water bottle all over my face/body is downright embarrassing. And it always earns me a few awkward glances from the people next to me who are clearly thinking "Is drinking liquids too difficult of a concept for this girl to master?"

Alright, I'm being melodramatic. But do you see my dilemma? The one thing that can keep my focus: "Wavin Flag" by K'naan. I listened to it 4 times during my workout today.

Patti Long and I like to do this dance in the kitchen while we're cooking dinner. True story. Go to the link.  Learn the super sweet moves. Dance your heart out.