My Night as a Groupie

I think enough time has elapsed that law enforcement will no longer come chasing after me if I share this story, so I'm going to tell it to you all. However, if the police drag me off to jail for evading parking garage payment, I will have to delete this post. Enjoy reading while I'm breathing the fresh air of freedom.

Remember when I told you about how I am incapable of functioning in the presence of a celebrity? Apparently that is only in reference to people who I think are actually talented or legit A-list celebs. Weird and non-talented D-list celebs do not apply. The night I met Tyler Hilton and made a fool of myself, I also met Josiah Leming and made a fool of him. Mwahahahahaha.

Upon arriving at the Palladium in Dallas that night, I decide that I am going to meet Tyler Hilton. No, I'm not just going to meet him. I am going to meet him and we are going to become best friends. Then somewhere down the road Ty (we'll be on a nickname basis, obviously) is going to fall madly in love with me and write dozens of love songs about our perfect relationship. To make this happen I realize I can't just be another girl in the line of meet-and-greets he has to endure. My plan: get in with the band. Genius, right?

Shortly thereafter, I rework my plan to be: get in with the band and/or the opening acts. Perfect. This is a definite slam dunk.


Puppy Mommy

Roxie and I have officially made it through our first week. And I'm therefore officially exhausted.

On Roxie Day, Kelsey and I left Fort Worth at 5:30 to make our way to Stonebriar Mall in Frisco where I was meeting Roxie's breeder. An hour before our arrival, the breeder texted me to inform me that they were shopping in the mall with Roxie and would meet me in the parking lot whenever I arrived. Shopping at age 6 weeks? This dog is definitely going to be a diva dog.

In the parking lot of Nordstroms, 2.3 pound Roxie officially become my puppy. TINY TINY TINY.

The shopping trip must have exhausted Rox, because she fell asleep in my arms right away when we hit the  road. Kelsey and I were excited when she woke up and completely forgot rule #1 of puppies: when the puppy wakes up, take it outside. Aaaaaaand you can probably guess what I got for my forgetfulness: a liquid present.

Kelsey: "Do you want me to pull over?"
Becky: "Nah, it's just pee. We're almost there. Keep going."

A minute later another present came in the form of smelly puppy poop deposited directly on my lap. I took this as my official initiation into the puppy mommy world.


WARNING: puppy on the way

My day dreaming is over ... Roxie the Doxie is nearly mine!

I just wanted to give you all a heads up that I'm most likely about to turn into one of THOSE people. You know, those dog people. The dog obsessed.

I can't predict how serious my dog obsession is going to be, but seeing as how I'm already insanely obsessed with my childhood dog, Ellie, I'm guessing things could get out of control. I mean, if this puppy belonged to you wouldn't YOU be obsessed? Of course you would.