Dear radio stations of the world ...



Some of them were cool at first, and some of them were never cool. The main problem is that you continue playing these songs, and no one wants to hear them anymore. (The people that do still want to hear them have awful taste in music, and you should not be encouraging their bad habits.)

Katy Perry -- "Wide Awake"

I'm going to estimate that I've already heard this song approximately 30 times today, and I'll hear it an additional 10 million times before the day is over. I admit that this song is better than  "E.T.," but what song doesn't surpass that weird intergalactic anthem? I just want to listen to "Last Friday Night" and "Teenage Dream" and forget this song ever happened. Is that so much to ask? Also, this music video is trippy and creepy.

B.O.B. -- "Airplanes"

I thought this song was annoying when I first heard it in Australia. My annoyed attitude quickly turned to extreme hatred because my neighbor across the hall listened to this jam on repeat all. Day. Long. We're talking 20 times in a row. I like to exaggerate, but that statistic is not exaggerated. I thought I had escaped "Airplanes" when I returned to the States. Wrong. Not-so-luckily for me, the American radio stations discovered this song months after the Aussies, so I had to go through the the turmoil of this song being overplayed by a new slew of people in a different country. And now, almost three years later, STILL people want to hear this song? Why? WHYYYY?