Making the Mundane Ridiculous

Sorry for the hiatus. Here's the thing about the real world: you think you're going to have more time on your hands since there are no tests to study for, classes to attend or all-nighters to pull. Work from 8:30 to 5:30 five days a week and the rest of my world is free for the taking, right? Wrong.

The thing is, those random little errands I could run during the day back when I was a collegiate now have to be taken care of when I'm not on the clock. Plus I have the added pitfall that my sorority is no longer creating my social calendar for me. My world as of late is filled with small, random happenings that pop up in my spastic conquest to cram too much into a 24-hour period. This means I don't have any exciting stories to tell you about ditching rock stars or cats flying out of moving vehicles. However, I do feel the need to document my visit to the DMV and instructions on how to lock yourself into your own apartment. And still some of you (namely, my parents) continue reading my random rants. Thank you.

So let's talk about self-serving car washes, shall we? A simple concept to some, but not to me. I'm choosing to blame it on the fact that I have plenty of book smarts, but have to learn street smarts through experience. By "experience" I mean embarrassing myself in public.