Puppy Mommy

Roxie and I have officially made it through our first week. And I'm therefore officially exhausted.

On Roxie Day, Kelsey and I left Fort Worth at 5:30 to make our way to Stonebriar Mall in Frisco where I was meeting Roxie's breeder. An hour before our arrival, the breeder texted me to inform me that they were shopping in the mall with Roxie and would meet me in the parking lot whenever I arrived. Shopping at age 6 weeks? This dog is definitely going to be a diva dog.

In the parking lot of Nordstroms, 2.3 pound Roxie officially become my puppy. TINY TINY TINY.

The shopping trip must have exhausted Rox, because she fell asleep in my arms right away when we hit the  road. Kelsey and I were excited when she woke up and completely forgot rule #1 of puppies: when the puppy wakes up, take it outside. Aaaaaaand you can probably guess what I got for my forgetfulness: a liquid present.

Kelsey: "Do you want me to pull over?"
Becky: "Nah, it's just pee. We're almost there. Keep going."

A minute later another present came in the form of smelly puppy poop deposited directly on my lap. I took this as my official initiation into the puppy mommy world.

Other highlights thus far:

--When Roxie first came home, all she wanted to do was sleep. Now all she wants to do is play, chew, pee, and cause general mischief.
--Roxie is sometimes better at walking backwards than she is at walking forward.
--At her first vet visit, I found out that Rox had a skin infection and mites. :-( Lots of puppy itching and crying. Luckily, she's been taking meds and is getting so much better!
--She has discovered that she fits under my bed. I often lose her because she is so tiny.
--Diva dog already has a love for shoes. She will sleep on them, sit on them, chew on them, etc. etc. etc. Anything involving shoes, she's there. One of my #1 priorities is keeping my closet doors (aka access to endless supplies of shoes) closed at all times.
--My sleeping schedule went out the window when Roxie came home. I woke up with her every two hours. However, on night six she let me sleep until 6:30 a.m.! Major progress. 7 a.m. is now considered "sleeping in."
--If you ever want to play follow the leader, Roxie is your girl. She will follow you wherever you go, as long as you take short breaks to play or tell her how cute she is.
--Rox is so small that most people believe she looks more like a hamster, guinea pig, kitten, rat, etc. than a dog. I think she's PRECIOUS.
--If she doesn't want to pee, she sits down on my feet until I give up and take her back inside.
--Everything has the potential to be a puppy toy.
--Diva dog whines and cries at an annoyingly high pitch if she is not the center of attention. She appears to be very much aware of how cute she is.

And now, for a million adorable photos

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