Puppy Fever

Someone please help. I keep seeing these little faces everywhere (mostly because I'm searching for them on Google) and getting ideas in my head that I can't live without a dachshund puppy. LOOK AT THEM.

It's official. I'm in love.

My dachshund love was only further intensified last weekend when I went to Oktoberfest. (Yes, this particular celebration of October was held in September. I was confused, too.) Dachshunds are, after all, German dogs. Reason #35602308134 I need a dachshund: they are the only animals allowed inside Oktoberfest celebrations. You have a golden retriever or a chihuahua? Too bad so sad. You have a dachshund? You're in the club.

Not only do dachshunds get to come into Oktoberfest, they get to take part in "Dachshund Dash." 80 little dogs running on legs that are .0007 the length of their bodies? Um...YES PLEASE. I. Was. Fascinated. During heat three, I picked out the dog I wanted: Beatrice. The dachshund gods must have been smiling down on me, because while Beatrice and her owner were walking by after the race they stopped for a chat. I oogled and googled over Miss B's cuteness. Then these words graced my ears:

"Do you want to hold on to her for a bit while I go talk to these people?"

Is this stranger seriously handing over his dog to me? YES HE IS. Be still my heart. I was tempted to bolt and take Beatrice with me, but somehow I managed to practice some self control. Unfortunately it didn't take long before Beatrice lost interest in sitting around and being petted and wanted to explore, so I had to return her to her owner. But still. The moments we spent together were magical. Sigh.

This is kind of what Beatrice looked like, except she was even cuter (if that's possible)
I'm going to find my own version of Beatrice except her name will be Lola and she will be perfect. And she will be perfect because she will have all of these qualities:

She will have excellent taste in music.

Her cuteness will be so overpowering that any living thing in her vicinity will look ugly and silly.

She will hate waking up and instead want to snuggle with me all morning.

She will be a diva.

She will be able to play catch with balls the size of her head.

She will patiently wait for me to get home every day like this.

She will sing along with me to the all my favorite jams.

She will be best friends with her cousin Brinkley and her sister EllieFran.

She will be nosy and always want to know what's going on.

She will love cuddling.

She will be a genius.

Instead of running, she will fly.

When she tilts her little head like this at me I will most likely pass out because the cuteness is too much to handle.

Fine, go ahead and judge me for being obsessed with a non-existent dog.

For  those of you who are wondering, my birthday is November 25. I accept all gifts, especially those in the form of dachshund puppies named Lola.


  1. Ellie does all of those things.. except shes cooler.. 1. her name is ellie and 2. shes a bad a** bichon :).. think about it!

  2. After reading this blog, I came to the realization that I have a twin. I too am experiencing dachshund puppy fever. It's a tough disease to live with lol I feel like I was reading something I wrote, loved it lolol